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A Minor Storm (PRE-ORDER)


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This is the sequel to Black Gum, my 2015 novel about a guy wandering through life, and his encounters with criminals, weirdos, and other sundry Oklahoma types along the way.

In A Minor Storm, Shane has returned to disrupt the lives of both the narrator and everyone else caught in his path. The narrator, tired of his dead-end jobs, agrees to follow Shane on a series of stakeouts that become increasingly surreal and dangerous.

It's a bit different from BG, in that this one is funnier and weirder. I had a tough time getting the tone right (considering BG was "Super Sad"), but I'm happy with it. I think you'll dig it, especially if you dug the first one.

If you participate in this pre-order, first of all, THANK YOU! This method of bookselling helps me to get the most of out of each sale.

The "official" release date for this is November 1st, BUT:

You'll be getting the book some time before it's released widely (By the Time, for example, started shipping a full month before its release date), and you have the option of getting your copy signed. Just let me know!

Thanks again. I'm excited for y'all to read this one.

Oh! And PS: if you participated in the Kickstarter, THIS IS A PART OF THAT, so don't double-dip. Unless you want to. :)